Hiring Process

◆ Define the role and the ideal profile of the candidate, including the skills, experience, and personality traits required.

◆ Research the market and identify potential candidates who are leaders or experts in their field or industry, using sources such as referrals, databases, social media, or publications.

◆ Contact the candidates directly and discreetly, using personalized messages, phone calls, or emails, and present the opportunity and the benefits of working for the organization.

 Build rapport and trust with the candidates, and assess their interest, fit, and motivation for the role, using techniques such as behavioral interviews, psychometric tests, or case studies.

 Negotiate the salary, benefits, and relocation package with the candidates, and address any concerns or objections they may have.

 Facilitate the communication and feedback between the candidates and the organization, and ensure a smooth and positive hiring experience for both parties.

◆ Evaluating the performance, compensation, promotion, and retention of the employees.